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Welcome to Troop 729!

Troop 729 is a Scout-led troop where the Scouts operate autonomously in patrols.  They are expected to plan, prepare, and lead themselves with adult guidance and oversight.  As Scoutmaster, I am extremely lucky to be working with an experienced and dedicated group of adult leaders, committee members, and parents.     

If you are considering joining a Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America) troop, I invite you to check us out!

Yours in Scouting,

Jorma Auburn, SM, T-729

Welcome to Troop 1729!

Growing up in the Piedmont of North Carolina, the daughter of a proud BSA scout leader, I understood from an early age the deep value that the scouting curriculum offers young people. I enjoyed my early days as a GirlScout, but did not have access to a program that embraced the great outdoors and challenged us to learn the skills necessary to appreciate and thrive in nature. As an undergraduate Teaching Fellow at UNC Chapel Hill, I took every opportunity I could get to explore the many state and national parks North Carolina had to offer, learning essential survival and camping skills along the way.


Teaching for five years in public high schools in North Carolina and then Maryland, I cherished working with teenagers, watching them grow into young adults as they faced, then overcame life’s many challenges. My husband and I moved to rural Bangladesh for almost a decade, where I continued to teach while he engaged in Public Health research for Johns Hopkins. We were privileged to explore so many places on the planet, from the jungles of Borneo to the Ardennes forests in Belgium, rapidly learning to embrace not only the spectacular diversity of the Earth, but also its people and cultures. We returned to Maryland in 2008, two young kids in tow, who we rapidly entered into Scouting programs. This year will mark my 10th year serving in various leadership capacities of an organization I love and respect deeply.


Beginning with the responsibility of Den Leader and Committee Chair for Pack 828 in Lutherville, I gradually took on increasing responsibilities for the pack which was undergoing major transitions and growth – culminating as Unit Commissioner for Baltimore Area Council. As our younger daughter aged into the Girl Scout program, I took on the role of co-Troop leader for Girl Scout Troop 10175 for five years. Over the past two years, the excitement and enthusiastic support I’ve received as we’ve transitioned to Scouts BSA has been unparalleled. The warm welcome from Troop 729 has been exceptional, as the young women who have set their sights on earning the coveted Eagle Rank have felt supported and encouraged to “do their best” and live the Scout Law – as future leaders of our country, and the World. Supported by an outstanding team of Assistant Scoutmasters, parents and experienced leaders of Troop 729, we embark on this historic journey – blazing a trail for young men AND women, going forward, to advance through the ranks of scouting – facing challenges, confronting their limits and breaking through them to become the best people they can be – forged in the crucible of Scouting. I look forward to the privilege of serving the Troop, the community we live in, and the young women who want to have the Scouting experience. Scout Me In!

Yours in Scouting spirit,

Kimberly Labrique